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Description The Thrifty Dipper dramatically improves dip coverage on dairy cow teats. It allows you to apply a thick barrier post-dip and control the amount of dip per trigger pull, with no slowdown in your milking routine. A standard dip cup delivers about 0.41 oz. per cow, while the Thrifty Dipper Spray cup delivers only 0.08 oz. per cow—that means a 50-70% reduction in dip usage with the Thrifty Dipper. Terrific for either pre-dip and post-dip (different colors of wiper brushes for pre and post prevent cross-contamination). Use it with all brands of dip. Horizontal model.

Species canine | cattle | equine | feline | goat | sheep


EACH N3-A71-1$90.92
Thrifty Dipper Teat Dip CupThrifty Dipper Teat Dip CupMASTITIS MANAGEMENT

Thrifty Dipper Horizontal Dip Cup
Thrifty Dipper Wiper Brush, White
Thrifty Dipper Snap Ring
Thrifty Dipper Wiper Brush, WhiteThrifty Dipper Wiper Brush, WhiteMASTITIS MANAGEMENT

Thrifty Dipper Snap RingThrifty Dipper Snap RingMASTITIS MANAGEMENT


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