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A readily digestible combination of yeast, magnesium, 4 sources of calcium and potassium formulated for use in high-producing dairy cows immediately after calving.

May be top-dressed, mixed with feed or added to the first drinking water after calving. Administer 1 lb immediately after calving, followed by 2 additional feedings of 1/2 lb within the next 24 hrs. Cows with a history of milk fever or hypocalcemia should receive 2-3 additional days of treatment.


2 lbs F7-A12-1$12.18
25 lbs F7-A12-2$109.43
40 lbs F7-A12-3$153.13
50 lbs F7-A12-4$192.17
Fresh Cow YMCP Paste, 375gmFresh Cow YMCP Paste, 375gmTECH MIX

Fresh Cow YMCP Fresh Cow YMCP TECH MIX

Fresh Cow YMCP

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