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Sol-U-Vin is an acetic blend, developed to use in place of liquid vinegar, in poultry and animal drinking water and produces no tissue residue. Sol-U-Vin is formulated not to harm equipment. Sol-U-Vin used on a routine basis will help keep water nipples and water lines clean and free flowing. Sol-U-Vin can be used to lower PH of drinking water.


Mixing directions: A stock solution of 8oz mixed with 4 gallons of water replaces 5% vinegar, 8oz mixed with 2 gallons of water replaces 10% vinegar, or mix 2 tablespoons to each gallon of water.Meter 1:128. Each pail comes with 8oz scoop packed inside for measuring. For best results this solution should be given on a daily basis, once in early morning and again in late afternoon. DO NOT mix sugar based vitamins with Sol-U-Vin.

Line Cleaner Stock Solution: Mix 2- 8oz scoops to each gallon of water used for stock.Add food color to solution for tracing purposes. Deliver stock solution through porportioner at the rate of 1:128 until lines are fully charged with solution. Let stand in line for 12-18 hours and activate nipple drinkers to ensure solution gets into trouble area. Let solution remain in system another 1-24 hours and flush entire system with as much water pressure and volume as possible until water runs clear. Always flush water lines after medication is given.

See replacement product - Aqua Source Mega-Vinegar


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Sol-U-Vin (Vinegar)
Aqua Source Mega-Vinegar

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