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First Arrival w/Encrypt, is a targeted feed supplement that targets 98% of the causes of scours and malnutrition, including Cryptosporidium. The advanced, proprietary formula helps build a strong immune system to support healthier calves. When used for 14 days, it provides powerful organic compounds, targeted egg proteins, micro-encapsulated lactic acid forming bacteria and absorptive compounds to better enable a newborn calf to fight harmful pathogens when they are most vulnerable.

Use for 14 days, beginning when calf is 24 hours old. For the first two days, give 10g per feeding. For the next 12 days, give 5g per feeding. First Arrival mixes in colostrum, milk replacer, milk, and water. Feed at 101F for best results. If scours symptoms occur, dosage may be doubled. A 5g and 300g scoop is enclosed. One level full 300g scoop will deliver approximately 60, 5g doses and 30, 10g doses. Store in a cool, dry place, out of sunlight. Keep out of reach of children. Call toll free 1-800-892-6978 or email us at


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First Arrival w/ Encrypt Feed Supplement

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