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A soluble powder. Used as a chelating agent, CITRIC ACID may increase the solubility of tetracyclines when used in swine and poultry drinking water. CITRIC ACID may also be used as a waterline cleaner and antimicrobial.

Chelating agent or to increase antibiotic solubility: Mix 205 gm of CITRIC ACID or half packet of CITRIC ACID with 25.6 gm of oxytetracycline, chlortetracycline, or tetracycline soluble antibiotic in a stock solution. Delivery then administered to all label instructions.
Waterline cleaning: Mix 820 gm to 1640 gm of CITRIC ACID or two to four packets of CITRIC ACID in one gallon of stock solution. Use alone at these levels to clean and reduce microbial growth in waterlines.


410 gm F5B2B6-1$2.30
50 lb. F5B2B6-2$71.42
410 gm - 30 packets per box F5B2B6-3$67.50

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