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Use Zinpro 40 with zinc methionine complex as a nutritional aid for preventing and treating lameness and foot rot. This patented feed additive is not a drug. It causes no side effects and leaves no milk or tissue residue. Helps increase milk production. Zinpro 40 improves performance in beef cattle and is essential for proper growth, skeletal soundness, tissue repair, wound healing, sexual maturity, reproductive capacity and immune response in poultry, swine, sheep, goats and horses as well. For dairy and beef cattle mix 2 lbs per 100 head daily. Swine: 2.5 lbs per ton. Sheep & Goats: 1 lb per 360 head daily. See label for other concentrations.

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25 kg (55.1 lb) bag 25 kg (55.1 lb) bag Not Available

Zinpro 40Zinpro 40ZINPRO

25 kg bag (55.12 lb) $96.18 w/
Availa Zn 120Availa Zn 120ZINPRO

25 kg (55.12 lb) bag
25 kg (55.12 lb) $138.86
Availa 4 (Do not Feed to Sheep)Availa 4 (Do not Feed to Sheep)ZINPRO

25 kg bag (55.12 lb) $147.12

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