ZetaGard LBT is an advanced dust treatment for control of darkling beetles (lesser mealworm) in poultry litter in chicken broiler and turkey grow outhouses. It is formulated with a 5th generation class of zetacypermethrin and is synergized with piperonyl butoxide. This potent formulation provides excellent control of hard to kill darkling beetles including those-resistant to other pesticides including certain pyrethroids. Targeted application allows for longer residual activity and increased concentration at sites where the highest beetle populations are prevalent. Specially formulated for drop spreader application. Formulation protects active ingredients from the degradating effects of poultry litter. Fast and easy to apply with drop spreader band application, one band under each feedline and along walls is all that is required. For applications with birds in the house which offers extra flexibility during unexpected beetle infestation outbreak, chicken broiler and turkey. Call toll free 1-800-892-6978 or email us at

See Replacement product – Beetle Sheild 6 – Insecticide Dust – By BAYER


50 lb pail ( 4 x 12.5 lb Sleeve per pail )50 lb pail ( 4 x 12.5 lb Sleeve per pail ) ON BACKORDER

25 lb25 lb ON BACKORDER

Beetle Sheild 6 - Insecticide DustBeetle Sheild 6 - Insecticide DustELANCO

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