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An antiseptic to aid in wound healing and in prevention of topical bacterial and fungal infections -including wounds, cuts, abrasions, ears, hooves, udders, declaws, ear cropping, navel dipping, tail docking, castrations and surgical site preparations. An iodine solution with high activity and low dermal toxicity for use on horses, dogs and farm animals.

Cleanse affected area thoroughly and apply Xenodine 2 or 3 times daily, or as needed. Apply a sufficient amount of Xenodine to cover the affected area. For more rapid release of active ingredient, Xenodine must be applied to a moist surface. The wound site may be covered or bandaged after application. When using the pump spray, adjust the nozzle by turning counter clockwise approximately 1/4 turn or until the desired spray pattern is obtained. Hold the container 10 to 12 inches (25 to 30 cm) from the skin.

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