Vital E-A+D


Injectable A+D-Tocopherol is a clear, sterile, non-aqueous solution of vitamin A, vitamin D3 and vitamin E. VITAL E-A+D is intended as a supplemental source of natural vitamins A, D and E. Each mL contains 100,000 I.U. of vitamin A, 10,000 I.U. of vitamin D3 and 300 I.U. of vitamin E.

Injection by intramuscular or subcutaneous administration only. May be repeated. If the dosage is greater than 5 mL, equally divide the dosage and inject at two different sites. CATTLE - 2 to 3 wks pre-partum: 8-10 mL. At calving: 8-10 mL. End of lactation: 8-10 mL. CALVES - At birth: 4-6 mL. Weaning: 4-6 mL. Yearlings: 5-6 mL.



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