Vital E-300


A clear, sterile, non-aqueous solution of d-alpha-tocopherol for use as a supplemental source of natural vitamin E in swine, cattle and sheep. Each mL contains 300 I.U. of vitamin E (as d-alpha-tocopherol, a natural-source of vitamin E).

Injection by intramuscular or subcutaneous administration only. May be repeated. If the dosage is greater than 5 mL, equally divide the dosage and inject at two different sites.
SWINE - Sows and Gilts: 2 wks pre-partum (4-6 mL). 2 wks pre-breeding (4-6 mL). Pigs: At Birth (1-2 mL). Weaning (2-3 mL). CATTLE - Cows and Heifers: 2-3 wks pre-partum (8-10 mL). At calving (8-10 mL). Calves: At birth (4-6 mL). Weaning (4-6 mL). Yearlings (5-6 mL). SHEEP - Ewes: 2-3 wks pre-partum (4-5 mL). At lambing (4-5 mL). Lambs: At birth (2-3 mL). Weaning (2-3 mL). Finishing Lambs (3-4 mL).

See Replacement product - ( Vital E-500 )


250 mL F6-25-1
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