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This is an oral liquid mixture of Vitamin E and selenium. It is a yellow/brown liquid and has a sweet alcohol odor. It helps correct and prevent nutrient deficiencies in livestock due to white muscle disease syndrome. Also aids in prevention and treatment of Selenium-Tocopherol Deficiency in sows and weaning pigs.

Species: Beef and dairy cattle, calves, sheep, goats, Swine and Poultry

FEATURES / BENEFITS Contains 450,000 IU/gallon of Vitamin E and 1,700 mg/gallon of selenium. Easy to administer. Will not decrease palatability of feed. High-quality supplement. Call toll free 1-800-892-6978 or email us at


1 gal1 gal
case of 4 (64.28)case of 4 (64.28)

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Call toll free 1-800-892-6978 or email us at