Click to enlargeVetriJec Insulin Syringe


Sterile, single use. Non-toxic, pyrogen free, not made with natural rubber . Clear, bold gradation for easy reading. Permanent barrel markings ensure accurate dosing. Lubricated needle for smooth injection. Easy-to-read bilingual packaging (English and Spanish).


U-40, 0.3cc Low Dose, 29g x 0.5" - 100 ct F15-C28-3$21.66 sizes: 
U-100, 0.3cc Low Dose, 29g x 0.5" - 100ct F15-C28-1$21.66 sizes: 
U-40, 0.5cc Medium Dose, 29g x 0.5" - 100ct F15-C28-4$21.66 sizes: 
U-40, 1cc High Dose, 29g x 0.5" - 100ct F15-C28-5$21.66 sizes: 
U-100, 1cc High Dose - 100ct F15-C28-2$22.56 sizes: 

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