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Syringe Features:

Clear polypropylene barrel for easy viewing of fluid levels Large, easy-to-read graduations Positive plunger stop allows for maximum filling and eliminates costly spills Medical grade silicon lubricant inside barrel for smooth, accurate delivery Serrated thumb press for positive grip

Needle Features:

Ultra-sharp, tri-beveled, anti-coring tips Metal inserts to increase strength for animal health applications Anti-friction coating to minimize penetration resistance and animal discomfort Clear polypropylene hubs for easy viewing of flashback

Packaging Features:

Hard Pack design for veterinary office or field use ISO color-coded cartridge caps for easy gauge identification Sonic welded end cap provides tamper evident seal and insures sterility Product information sticker on box and case box for easy inventory control


"Luer Lock" Syringes 3cc (100 ct) F15-C26-7$14.80
"Luer Slip" Syringes 3cc (100ct) F15-C26-8$14.80
"Luer Lock" Syringes 6cc (50 ct) F15-C26-6$13.05
"Luer Slip" Syringes 6cc (50ct) F15-C26-9$13.05
"Luer Lock" Syringes 12cc (80 ct) F15-C26-2$21.98
"Luer Slip" Syringes 12cc (80ct) F15-C26-10$21.98
"Luer Lock" Syringes 20cc (50 ct) F15-C26-3$30.03
"Luer Slip" Syringes 20cc (50ct) F15-C26-11$30.03
"Luer Lock" Syringes 35cc (30 ct) F15-C26-4$22.42
"Luer Slip" Syringes 35cc (30ct) F15-C26-12$22.42
"Luer Lock" Syringes 60cc (20 ct) F15-C26-5$23.39
"Luer Slip" Syringes 60cc (20ct) F15-C26-13$23.39
"Catheter Tip" Syringes 60cc (20 ct) F15-C26-1$23.37

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