Click to enlargeVetriJec™ Aluminum Hub Needles


Aluminum hubs for increased strength and durability. Metal insert increases needle strength for animal health applications. Tri-beveled, anti-coring tips are computer-ground for consistent sharpness. Anti-friction coating to minimize penetration resistance and animal discomfort. Stainless steel cannula for durability and breakage prevention. Sterile, non-pyrogenic, auto-clavable components. Tamper evident cartridges are safe, convenient, easily disposed of and transportable. Lot number is printed on each cartridge for easy tracking. ISO color coded cartridges for easy gauge identification. Needles are available in boxes of 100; cases contain 10 boxes.


Needles F15-C23-1$18.75 Sizes: 
Needles F15-C23-2$14.50 Sizes: 

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