Click to enlargeUltra Start 150 Plus Calf Colostrum Replacer, 350gm



Species cattle

Description Calf colostrum replacer and supplement with 150 grams Bovine globulin protein from select U.S. Grade A Dairies. Contains highly digestible fats, vitamins and minerals, in a small feeding size. Mixes easily and completely! Contains a minimum 150 grams of bovine globulin proteins per feeding, providing 1 REPLACER feeding or up to 3 SUPPLEMENT feedings. Made with 100% Bovine colostrum from select U.S. Grade A Dairy Herds. Formulated with vitamins and minerals. Instantized ingredients designed to mix easily and completely for easy feeding. Small feeding size allows for maximum intake, even in small calves. Supports a consistent and active approach to biosecurity. Contains First Defense Technology.


350gm packet N3-A136-1$39.99

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