Taktic EC



An emulsifiable concentrate containing 12.5% Amitraz for the control of ticks, mange mites, and lice on beef, dairy cattle, and swine. No milk or slaughter withholding for cattle. Do not apply to swine within three day of slaughter. Baby pigs can be dipped or sprayed at any age. Do not use on horses or dogs.

Cattle: For control of ticks and lice, mix one can (760 mL) to 100 gallons of water; for control of mites, mix one can to 50 gallons of water. Use up to 2 gallons of spray for a fully grown animal.
Swine: For control of mange mites and louse, mix 760 mL to 50 gallons of water (equivalent to 1/2 fl. oz. per gallon of spray solution).


760 mL F12-A25-1
12 x 760 ml @ $54.90 F12-A25-2

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