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Double-strength, twice as strong as Strongid C. For the prevention of Strongylus vulgaris larval infestation in horses and control of large strongyles, small strongyles, pinworms, and ascarids. Contains pyrantel tartrate. Safe for use in pregnant mares and foals.

To be administered on a continuous basis either as a top-dress or mixed in the horse’s daily grain ration at the rate of 1.2 mg pyrantel tartrate per pound of body weight daily. To achieve this dose, administer 0.5 oz per 250 lb of body weight. Measuring cup is enclosed. Please note it is different in size and shape from the original STRONGID C measuring cup due to the higher concentration of STRONGID C 2X. Call toll free 1-800-892-6978 or email us at


10 lb pail10 lb pail
50 lb bag50 lb bag

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