A buffered electrolyte formula that provides essential elements needed by pigs that are dehydrated or show loss of body weight due to stress.

Use in feed or water for 5 to 7 days before, during, and after a stress situation occurs, or when one is anticipated.
Feed: Add 1 bag (2.27 kg) to 1 ton of complete food, or 1,110 L of water.
Medicators: Make a stock solution by mixing 912 gm of SKY-LYTES into 3.785 L. Meter at 29.5 mL per 3.785 L of drinking water.
Dispensers: Add 9 gm per 3.785 L of drinking water.
Tank: Add 86.7 gm per 37.85 L of drinking water, or 456 gm per 227.0 L of drinking water.


1 lb.1 lb.

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