Safe-Guard EZ Scoop 1.8%


Contains 1.8% Fenbendazole. Type B Medicated Feed. Dewormer for Swine. For the removal and control of Lungworms, Gastrointestinal Worms, Large Roundworms, Nodular Worms, Small Stomach Worms, Whipworms, and Kidneyworms. The only dewormer that can kill not only adult worms but also the important larvae including tunneling L2 and L3 whipworm and migrating L3 roundworm larvae.

Add to sow rations for 3-12 days to achieve comprehensive worm removal. Mix 1 lb. in the ration for each 2,000 lb. body wt. For Individual 400 lb Sow Feeding: Mix 1 level scoop (included) into 4 to 6 lbs of an individual 400 lb sow's daily ration and feed once daily for 3 consecutive days. No withdrawl.


10 lb. pail F4-B7-1$156.30
Safe-Guard 1.8% Swine Dewormer 20 lb. pailSafe-Guard 1.8% Swine Dewormer 20 lb. pailMWI

20 lb pail

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