Click to enlargeSafe-Guard EZ Scoop 1.8% Swine Dewormer


Safe-Guard EZ Scoop protects your swine against lungworms, gastrointestinal worms, roundworms, nodular worms, whip worms, and kidney worms.


* This 10 lb. pail will deworm 20,000 lbs. of pork. * Measuring scoop included. * For Individual 400 lb. Sow Feeding: Mix 1 level scoop into 4-6 lbs. of the sows daily ration once a day for 3 days. * For Group Feeding: See package/label for directions. * No withdrawal time.

SEE REPLACEMENT PRODUCT --- Safe-Guard 1.8% Swine Dewormer 20 lb. pail


10 lb pail Y1-A2-1$156.30
Safe-Guard 1.8% Swine Dewormer 20 lb. pailSafe-Guard 1.8% Swine Dewormer 20 lb. pailMWI


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