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Respond cattle feeding products with patented Zymace™ technology help to restore normal feed intake levels in cattle that are undergoing stress--at weaning, vaccination, processing, shipping or overheating. Maintains nutrient levels and supports daily gain and overall health quickly, efficiently and economically.

Respond Cattle Boluses are ideal for times of stress and/or decreased feed intake and are safe for use with antibiotics.

Give one bolus for every 500 lb of animal body weight per day.

Place the bolus into a balling gun. Hold the head of the animal in a slightly elevated position and place the balling gun into the back of the mouth. Deposit the bolus, ensuring that the animal swallows the bolus. Do not give to cows that are unable to swallow.


50 ct A10-F129-1$55.95
200 ct A10-F129-2$193.76

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