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Porcine Rotavirus Vaccine is a modified live virus containing 2 modified live G serotypes 5 and 4 of Serogroup A rotavirus, which have been modified so that they do not cause disease in baby pigs, feeder pigs or pregnant swine. The vaccine is recommended as an aid in the prevention of rotaviral diarrhea in young pigs. Rotavirus is one cause of viral gastroenteritis characterized by vomiting, watery diarrhea, dehydration and death in young pigs; therefore, the clinical signs may be identical to those of TGE. The disease is very common in both nursing and weaned pigs, and all swine herds so far examined show serologic evidence of its presence. Efficacy of the rotavirus vaccine has been demonstrated in both pregnant sows and baby pigs. Some animals may be unable to develop or maintain an adequate immune response following vaccination if they are incubating any infectious disease, are malnourished or parasitized, or stressed due to shipment or adverse environmental conditions. Oral and intramuscular vaccination of nursing pigs induces active immunity and will protect them against post-weaning rotavirus-induced scours. Laboratory confirmation of the cause of baby pig diarrhea is recommended since other viral, bacterial and coccidial agents can cause similar disease signs. If diarrhea persists after use of the vaccine, additional diagnostic work may be warranted.

Vaccinate each baby pig with one 1 mL oral dose and one 1 mL intramuscular dose about 7-10 days preweaning. Reconstitute desiccated virus vaccine with sterile diluent provided, using 10-15 mL. Then transfer all liquid vaccine to the 50 mL plastic diluent vial to obtain 50 doses of 1 mL each. Vaccine can then be administered with either automatic syringes or a plastic dosing bottle. Do not return the pig to the sow for at least 30 minutes after oral vaccination. Call toll free 1-800-892-6978 or email us at


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