Click to enlargeProbios Bovine One Oral Gel


Contains a source of live (viable), naturally occurring microorganisms.

Administer orally on back of tongue as needed:
Beef: Newborns (5 gm at birth), Calves under 400 lb (10 gm), Over 400 lb (15 gm).
Dairy: Calves (5 gm at birth), Heifers under 400 lb (10 gm), Over 400 lb (15 gm), Cows (30 gm at freshening).
Sheep/Goats: Newborns (5 gm at birth).


60 gm F5B1A32-1$11.14
12 x 60 gm @ 10.14 F5B1A32-3$121.68
300 gm F5B1A32-2$27.39
6 x 300 gm @ 26.39 F5B1A32-4$158.34
300ml Tube applicator gun300ml Tube applicator gunVETS PLUS


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