Click to enlargePower Pull Calf Puller (Cable)


Come-Along Type Calf Puller. Features include:
• 9 ft. galvanized steel aircraft cable with special grab-hook, grips OB chain at any point (OB chain sold separately.)
• Easily detachable Power Pull and chain allows alternate usages, or use without pole and spanner for convenience in stall calving.
• Sturdy aluminum alloy breech spanner includes washable web strap.
• Tough, nickel-plated, tubular steel pole is in two sections with slip-joint for easy assembly.
• Power Pull’s 14-to-1 power ratio offers up to 1,500 lbs. pull with 50% overload factor.


each F13-C-1$299.98
Click to enlargeExtension pole, comes with puller

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