Click to enlargePLT Poultry Litter Treatment, 50lb


Description Ammonia Control/Fuel Savings Immediately binds ammonia in the treated area of the poultry house. Reduces urease production. Reduces ammonia released from the litter. Ammonia bound in the litter increases fertilizer value. Litter Acidification Lowers the pH of poultry litter from an average 8.5 down to1.5 on the pH scale. Acidifying litter dramatically improves litter ecology. Safe Reuse of Litter Use of PLT before each flock extends life of the litter. Saves the cost of new litter and cleanout. Turns volatile ammonia into stable ammonium sulfate increasing the fertilizer value of the litter.


1 Bag (50 lb Bag) $20.89 Plus Shipping C3-A50-1$31.84
9 Bags (50 lb Bags) $20.89 x 9 Plus Shipping C3-A50-3$198.01
40 Bags Pallet (50 lb Bags) $20.89 Plus Shipping C3-A50-4$1,085.75

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