Performax Optimizer


Species poultry | swine

Active Ingredient acetic acid | citric acid | copper proteinate | lactic acid | tannic acid | zinc proteinate

Zinpro® Perform-Max™ Optimizer is a concentrated, antimicrobial water acidifier for water proportioning systems that helps control Salmonella by improving gut health and limiting bacterial loads in broilers and turkeys.

Significantly improve performance, reduce shrinkage and improve gut microflora and health with Zinpro Perform-Max Optimizer. Designed for easy delivery through water proportioning systems, Zinpro Perform-Max Optimizer is scientifically formulated and proven to increase water consumption, reduce salmonella concentration of chicken pre-slaughter and support a higher yield. Call toll free 1-800-892-6978 or email us at


gallon $24.54  x 4 gallongallon $24.54 x 4 gallon

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