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For prevention or treatment of metritis anld vaginitis in mares when caused by pathogens sensitive to chlorhexidine hydrochloride. Each Cap-Tab contains 1 g chlorhexidine hydrochloride incorporated in an effervescent base.

Unattached placental membranes and any excess uterine fluid or debris should be removed from the uterus. The external genitalia should be carefully cleaned and 1 or 2 Cap-Tabs placed deep into each uterine horn. The operator should wear a clean obstetrical sleeve while inserting the Cap-Tabs into the uterus so that no contamination is introduced. In a uterus which contains little or no uterine fluid, the effervescent Cap-Tab may cause some localized irritation. For treatment of such a uterus, or where the cervix is tightly constricted, the Cap-Tab should be dissolved in an appropriate amount of clean, boiled water and the solution infused into the uterus using a clean, sterile catheter. Treatment may be repeated in 48 to 72 hours.


50 ct F7-C15-1$65.15

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