Click to enlargeNeporex 2 SG Fly Control Granules


A water-soluble granular larvicide that is suitable for scattering, or dissolving and pouring or spraying to kill flies. Contains cyromazine, an insect growth regulator belonging to the group of triazine derivatives, which prevents fly larvae from shedding their skins and turning into adult flies. Cyromazine belongs to a different chemical group than traditional adulticide fly control products, and is therefore capable of killing flies that are resistant to such treatments. This lower-concentration formulation is suitable for use in smaller operations, primarily: Poultry units Pig fattening and breeding units Dairy and calf units Sheep and goat sheds Horse stables Rabbit farms Zoological parks Rubbish dumps and garbage containers Call toll free 1-800-892-6978 or email us at


11 lbs (5kg) bag 11 lbs (5kg) bag

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