Mo Milk Feed Mix


A palatable high-energy natural laxative specifically designed for individual feeding or top dressing. The natural laxative action of psyllium produces a softer stool that helps reduce constipation. Mo’Milk softens stool without the potentially harsh action of many chemical laxatives.

Start feeding MO' MILK Feed Mix at about 14-21 days prior to farrowing until pigs are 7-10 days of age, or whenever signs of constipation appear in the pregnant sow or gilt. Mix 1 bag of MO' MILK Feed Mix (8 lbs.) to each ton of complete ration, or 1 pound of MO' MILK Feed Mix to each 250 lbs. of complete ration. Maintain MO' MILK Feed Mix in the gestating-farrowing-lactation ration until pigs are weaned. Call toll free 1-800-892-6978 or email us at


8 lb. bag8 lb. bag
40 lb. bag40 lb. bag

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