Mare's Match Foal Milk Transition Pellets



Contains a high level of milk-based ingredients and offers highly digestible and palatable energy. Plus, it contains protein to support nutrient needs through weaning. Contains essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium, phosphorus and trace minerals to provide the nutritional requirements for structural growth. The protein and fat balance help foals meet the increased energy requirements for optimal growth and performance. The resealable pail helps maintain freshness during storage. Suitable for newborn foals and yearlings.

Help provide your foals with the right nutrition early on with these Land O'Lakes Mare’s Match Foal Transition Pellets. Foals can experience a growth and performance setback during the weaning phase, which is where these pellets come into play. The milk-based pellets are designed to ease the transition from milk to solid feed. Simply offer them to your foal friends before weaning to keep their growth and energy on track!

Mare's Match® foal transition pellets are a milk based supplement designed to provide palatable, quality nutrition to young foals and weanling horses and extra nutrition to broodmares and performance horses. At times when nutrition is of utmost importance, Mare's Match® foal transition pellets can provide the nutrients foals, broodmares and performance horses need, setting them up for long term success. Foals, performance horses and broodmares require additional nutrients to grow and perform to their full potential. Give horses the edge through all stages by supplementing with the extra, palatable nutrition of Land O Lakes® Mare's Match® foal transition pellets. Maximize foal growth through a nutritional boost. Aid in the transition from milk to grain through high palatability. Meet increased energy requirements of growth and performance with a highly digestible fat source. Provide balanced nutrition with necessary levels of calcium, phosphorus and trace minerals. Call toll free 1-800-892-6978 or email us at


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