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LevaMed (levamisole hydrochloride) Soluble Pig Wormer is a broadspectrum anthelmintic and is effective against the following nematode infections in swine: LARGE ROUNDWORMS (Ascaris suum), NODULAR WORMS (Oesophagostomum spp.), LUNGWORMS (Metastrongylus spp.) and INTESTINAL THREADWORMS (Strongyloides ransomi).

Each 52 gm packet worms 26 head of 500 lb. calves or 100 head of 120 lb. sheep. 605 gm economy size will worm 300 head of calves weighing 500 lbs. Once the powder has been reconstituted with water it will remain potent for 90 days. Levamisole HCl.


20 gm F4-B11-1$14.67

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