Kick Start


Daily nutritional calf supplement provides colostrum fat and proteins for prolonged energy. Specially formulated to supplement daily rations of calves with decreased appetite, weak or run down calves, scouring calves, and calves needing a nutritional boost due to shipping, vaccination, illness, weather stress or ration changes. Contains a blend of whole milk, proteins, live naturally occurring beneficial microbials, electrolytes and vitamins. Easily digestible milk sugar energy provides more energy than sugar-based electrolytes.

Mix with water for scour treatment. Mix with milk for supplement.


100 gm packet F5B1A26-1$4.22
12 x 1 pkt @ 3.97 F5B1A26-2$47.64
24 x 3.72 @ 3.72 F5B1A26-3$89.28

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