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Dual Detection

D3X needles are Neogen’s patent pending dual-detection needles featuring our trusted detectable metal alloy and newly developed highly visible extraction collar. Made from the same proprietary metal alloy, D3X needles are up to 6 times more detectable than regular stainless steel needles and allows needle fragments to be detected at line speed using X-ray or magnetic technology. The extraction collar is designed to prevent a broken needle from submerging into the skin of the animal. With an easy to grip extraction collar adhered to the needle, this allows needle removal to happen immediately following a broken needle. The extraction collar is highly visible and recognizable so it can be seen in all lighting conditions. The collar is embossed with an “X” to further identify the product as a D3X needle.


D3X Needles have thick-walled cannulas, which are crimped and pressed into sturdy, aluminum hubs. These stronger sidewalls increase load strength and decrease bending and breaking more than 6-fold over some conventional needles. The needle tips stay sharper longer and makes D3X needles the superior option for production needle selection.


Neogen has been the trusted manufacturer for production farmers for the past 20 years. D3X needles have ultra-sharp, tri-beveled tips that allows for easier penetration into the animal. The sharpness of the needle increases the possible number of injections per needle and reduces the risk of injection site abscesses while decreasing stress on the animal while working.


D3X Needles are packed in trademarked red, color coded cartridges for safety and convenience while transporting. Cartridges are tamper evident and ISO color coded for easy gauge and length recognition. D3X needles have thick walled detectable cannulas and hubs. D3X Needles are packaged 100 per box. Call toll free 1-800-892-6978 or email us at


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Needles  20g x 1/2" - 100 ctNeedles 20g x 1/2" - 100 ct

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