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An electrolyte replacement and nutritional supplement for young calves, lambs and foals. Energy-rich with glucose to correct hypoglycemia Supplies sodium acetate to correct acidosis Provides optimum electrolyte and water absorption Restores normal body fluid and electrolyte balance Helps reverse loss of body weight

Administer two quarts of Hydra-Lyte solution to each calf or foal twice daily for the first two days. Feed the Hydra-Lyte solution as extra meals while still feeding milk or milk replacer. If the animal refuses milk, feed the Hydra-Lyte solution and resume feeding the milk or milk replacer at the next scheduled feeding. On the third and fourth day administer one quart Hydra-Lyte solution mixed with one quart of either milk or milk replacer to each calf or foal two times each day. Lambs and kids will require about one fourth of the above dosage. Call toll free 1-800-892-6978 or email us at


5.76 oz 5.76 oz
12 x 5.76 oz @ 4.9312 x 5.76 oz @ 4.93
50 ds (pail bulk pack)50 ds (pail bulk pack)

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