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Size 2lb Form powder Species goat

Active Ingredient active yeast | betaine hydrochloride | calcium carbonate | calcium lactate | calcium pantothenate | calcium propionate | magnesium oxide | potassium chloride | vitamin B-3 (niacinamide) Description Provides the doe with yeast, calcium, niacin, and the most potent levels of magnesium and potassium Contains four types of calcium (calcium lactate, calcium proprionate, calcium pantothenate, calcium carbonate), including highly palatable and easy-to-absorb milk calcium Helps to provide the essential nutrients needed to help aid in recovery and get used to the demands of lactation Highly palatable and non-abrasive formula Guaranteed Analysis includes: Calcium (Ca), min 11.50% Calcium (Ca), max 13.50% Salt (NaCl), min 2.20% Salt (NaCl), max 2.70% Magnesium (Mg), min 4.50% Potassium (K), min 11.50% Zinc (Zn), min 90 ppm Vitamin A, min 450,000 IU/lb Vitamin D, min 90,000 IU/lb Vitamin E, min 450 IU/lb Niacin, min 2,700 mg/lb Live Yeast Cells, min 102 Billion CFU*/lb (225 million CFU*/g) CFU* (Colony Forming Units)


2 lb Bag2 lb Bag

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