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Containing three times the calories found in an equal weight of grain, FORMULA 707 GLO-N-GO™™ is an ideal solution for horses that have trouble maintaining a consistent weight. Fortified with vitamins E and B1 and rich in essential fatty acids, GLO-N-GO™™ is formulated entirely from vegetable oil and contains no animal fat. The apple flavor makes it highly palatable to most horses, and lecithin helps aid in digestion. Establish healthy weight retention, enrich the luster in your horse's coat, and support performance – all in a single supplement. Fortified with vitamins E and B1, rich in essential fatty acids and formulated entirely from vegetable oil (no animal fats). Lecithin helps aid in digestion. Contains triple the calories when compared to an equal volume of grain. Highly palatable, apple-flavored.


gal N3-A158-1$42.62

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