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Supplement for cattle and other ruminants to provide organisms to support a healthy digestive tract during periods of irregular feed intake caused by shipping, ration, and extreme weather changes. Same as ruminant bolus, only in a gel.

Place the Fastrack® Ruminant Microbial Gel between the lower teeth and the cheek. Use during periods of irregular nutrient intake. When nutrient intake stabilizes, use the appropriate dry Fastrack® direct-fed microbial product mixed into the feed or top-dressed.

Daily Usage Rates: Calves, birth & up to 500 lbs. 5 g (5 cc)

Cattle, 500 to 800 lbs. 10 g (10 cc)

Cattle, over 800 lbs. 15 g (15 cc)

Lactating cows 15 g (15 cc)

Sheep & goats, at birth & pre-weaning 5 g (5 cc)

Sheep & goats, weaned & mature 5 g (5 cc)


80 ml A10-F75-1$18.15

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