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Indication house mice | norway rats | roof rats

Active Ingredient difethialone

Description Fast Draw Soft Bait contains the active ingredient Difethialone, food-grade grains and oils, and has a unique no wax formula. The pouches combine the bait integrity of mini-blocks with the money-saving, targeted dosing, of place packs. • Powerful Attraction: unique no wax formula, for maximum attraction to get infestations under control. • Convenient and Versatile: offers targeted dosing, with a 10-gram (0.35 oz.) easy-to-secure bait pouch, for challenging placements. • Outstanding Results: contains the single-feed, active ingredient difethialone formulated at 25PPM for superior palatability.

Refer to label directions for proper use and product restrictions. For mice, apply 1-4 pouches per placement (or bait station), usually spaced 8 to 12 feet apart. For rats, apply from 12-48 pouches per bait station), spaced 15 to 30 apart. This range is meant to cover everything from preventative, “maintenance baiting”, to the reduction of the most severe infestations.


8lb F16-B12-1$70.95
16lb F16-B12-2$125.98

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