Click to enlargeEntrolyte H.E.


A nutritional supplement formulated to provide a source of electrolytes and energy.

Supplied in twin pouches. Mix the contents of both pouches with 1/2 gallon (64 oz.) of warm water. Allow animal to nurse from a nursing bottle or administer via a stomach tube. Discard solution if not used within 24 hours. Orally administer 1-2 quarts (32-64 oz.) to calves 2-3 times per day.


178 gm packet F5-B1-A23-1$6.05
10 x 178 gm @ 5.50 F5-B1-A23-2$55.00
20 x 178 gm @ 5.30 F5-B1-A23-3$106.00

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