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First new insecticide class for cattle in over 20 years. Pour-on or dilutable spray for control of horn flies and lice on lactating and non-lactating dairy and beef cattle. Offers ongoing, effective control of horn flies and lice on cattle, as well as stable flies and houseflies on agricultural premises. Electorís excellent safety characteristics mean itís non-irritating to animals and workers, and protective equipment isnít required. As the first product in the new spinosyn class, Elector uses a unique mode of action to paralyze and kill flies, even those that are resistant to other insecticides. Easy squeeze-and-pour dispenser included with 1 L size. Application Gun available for 5 L size. 1 L treats approx 27 - 1,000 lbs cattle.

Pour-on: 4 mL per 110 lbs body weight.
Spray: dilute 10 oz. to 5 gallons water and apply.
Premise: dilute 20 oz. to 5 gallons of water and apply 1 gallon per 500-1,000 sq. ft.



1 L F12-A13-1
5 L F12-A13-2
Gun F12-A13-3

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