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Use on calves to provide energy, fluids and electrolytes to rehydrate. Suggested for use during scouring, ration changes, weaning, disease conditions, shipping, follow-up antibiotic treatment or weather changes. Also contains a gelling agent to slow fluid loss and help prevent further dehydration.

Mix briskly, while slowly adding one pouch of Electrolyte with Thickener into 2 quarts of warm water, milk or milk replacer until completely dissolved. Feed solution by using an open pail, nipple bottle, nipple pail or esophageal feeder. Discard unused portions, do not store. Provide access to fresh, clean drinking water. Administer 1 packet per calf, twice daily for a minimum of 2 consecutive days or as needed.



100 gm packet F5-B1-A20-1

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