Click to enlargeEDDI 40 Grain Organic Iodine (Dextrose base)


To be used as a nutritional source of iodine. Each pound (454 grams) contains 20.8 grams ethylenediamine dihydroiodide. Do not administer to pregnant, lactating, or nursing animals, including dairy cattle in production.

Cattle: Nutritional source of iodine: Feed 109 mg of Vedco EDDI 40 gr per head daily in feed, salt or mineral continuously.

Feed: Thoroughly premix 1 pound of Vedco EDDI 40 gr with 9 pounds of supplement, ground grain or other carrier having a particle size similar to organic iodine. Then mix 1 pound of the mixture in the feed consumed by 415 head of cattle and feed continuously.


1 lb A10-F120-1$10.55

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