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A unique innovation in hoof treatment. Easy Bloc is a plastic slip-on “shoe” which fits onto the healthy claw, taking weight off the affected claw, providing immediate relief of pain and substantial increase in milk production.
Each kit includes plastic slip-on shoes & resin for 12 applications, 6 right & 6 left.
Kits available in Regular size (5"L x 2.25"W) or XL size (6"L x 2.5"W).
Resin will completely cure within 5-7 minutes. 250 mL liquid & 500 gm powder also sold separately.


Regular Kit / 12 ct F14-C-1$137.50
XL Kit / 12 ct F14-C-2$147.63
Liquid (250 mL) F14-C-3$39.77
Powder (500 gm) F14-C-4$62.02

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