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Species poultry

Active Ingredient

grain sorghum | soybean meal


QuickStart is a perinatal nutrition supplement meant to prevent ketosis in young poultry during long transport times.

QuickStart is an all-natural hydration and nutrition supplement for young poultry. Research has shown that the formulation promotes instinctive feeding, getting young birds off to a fast start. This leads to increased early weight gains which are maintained throughout the birdís lifetime. QuickStart is a proprietary blend of nutrients, palatants and attractants that have been developments by our technical team to help aid in the transport of young poultry. It not only is a highly digestible meal for the chicks but also improves feed intake overall. It can be used alone or as a top dress for added nutrition and hydration.

Whether you are shipping birds commercially across the country or taking them to a local show, QuickStart is any birdís peace of mind throughout their travels.

Feeding Recommendations :

Hydrate before use. Mix 1:1 with water and apply to chick/poult transport boxes at a rate of 2-3 grams per bird. Can also be used to top dress feed pans as an attractant. Hydrate and apply to feed at a rate of 1-3 grams per bird.

Product Characteristic : Appearance: Light green feed Smell: Feed Packaging: 15 lb bucket (30 lb hydrated) Shelf life: 1 year Storage: Store in original packaging in dry location out of direct sunlight.

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