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Recommended for increased rate of weight gain in suckling and pastured growing steers and for improved feed efficiency and increased rate of weight gain in confined steers and heifers. Compudose will provide an effective daily dose of estradiol for at least 200 days. Each COMPUDOSE silicone rubber implant contains 25.7 mg estradiol and is coated with not less than 0.5 mg of oxytetracycline powder as a local antibacterial. Each cartridge holds 20 doses of implants. Each box of Compudose contains 5-20 dose cartridges for a total of 100 doses. The Compudose cartridges are purple to allow for visual differentiation.

Subcutaneously insert one implant under the skin of the ear in steers and heifers using the Compudose/Encore Gun.


20 dose F10-11-1$48.15
100 dose F10-11-2$242.25
Compudose/Encore Implant GunCompudose/Encore Implant GunVET LIFE


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