Click to enlargeClostridium Perfringens Types C&D - Antitoxin



This is a potent multivalent antitoxin specific for the temporary prevention or treatment of Clostridial enterotoxemia in cattle, sheep and goats caused by types C and D toxin and in swine when caused by type C. Type D is not known to cause disease in swine.

DOSAGE/ADMINISTRATION: For prevention lasting approximately 3 weeks the following doses should be administered subcutaneously. Suckling Lambs, Goats and Pigs -5 mL Suckling Calves-10 mL Feeder Lambs and Pigs-10 mL Feeder Calves and Cattle-25 mL For treatment, double the preventative dose. A more rapid effect can be achieved by intravenous administration, with repeat dosages as often as 12 hour intervals. Shake well before using. Use entire contents when bottle is first opened. Store in the dark at 2 to 7C.


250 ml DISCONTINUED F1-B13-1

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