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Description Banding offers alternatives for later castration, faster gains and less stress. Research indicates bulls typically gain 15% faster and convert feed 20% more efficiently than castrated steers, likely due to testosterone. Delaying castration allows the herdsman to take advantage of faster, more efficient weight gains from intact bulls. And compared to traditional castration, the banding process is much easier and less stressful on animals. • Non-surgical, bloodless procedure • Uninterrupted feed intake, conversion, and weight gain • Reduced incidence of water belly • Patented clip locks loop in place—NO SLIPPAGE • Quick and easy to use • Works on any size of animal • Standard loops can also be used for dehorning and tail docking; larger (14") prolapse loops are available • Kit includes Callicrate Bander, 5 standard loops, loop cutter, carrying case, and instructional video

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Replacement Loops - 25 ctReplacement Loops - 25 ct
Replacement Loops - 100 ctReplacement Loops - 100 ct
Replacement Loops - 5 ctReplacement Loops - 5 ct

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