Click to enlargeCalf Nurser Bottle Complete with Super-Calf Snap-On Nipple, 3 Quart


Species cattle

Brand Super-Calf

Size 3 quart

Description Merrick's 3 quart Calf Nurser Bottles are designed with unique easy clean handles. Combined with the easy-clean lip design from our standard 2 quart bottle means the producer can quickly and thoroughly clean and sanitize each bottle to aid in preventing any buildup of harmful bacteria. Another unique feature of this bottle design allows both large and small grips to hold the bottle securely. Merrick's Super-Calf Nipples feature an important advance in calf nursing nipples. Incorporated into the nipple design is a patented* air release valve, which prevents leakage and yet allows air to be released into the bottle as the calf is nursing. This ensures the proper flow of milk to the nursing calf. The valve is protected with extra "bumpers" for even longer wear. In addition, the surface of the Super-Calf Nipple has been specially treated to promote ease of use. Call toll free 1-800-892-6978 or email us at


3 Quart3 Quart

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