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For protection against pathogenic coccidia and vitamin fortification in young calves. It assures the correct lasalocid dosage to the calf until dry feed intake is sufficient to provide adequate coccidiosis protection (usually 28-35 days). By controlling coccidiosis with Calf Pro, calves will develop a natural immunity against coccidiosis and the morbidity rate will be reduced. It also supplies fat- and water-soluble vitamins found normally in grains and forages.

Add 10 mL to whole or reconstituted milk replacer once daily. Feed until calves are consuming enough dry medicated calf starter to receive proper medication levels.


2 liter F5-B1-A50-1$34.53
1 gal F5-B1-A50-2$41.80
10 liter F5-B1-A50-3$95.35

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