Calcium Drench


A liquid oral supplement designed to provide Calcium, B Vitamins and Propylene Glycol to help maintain normal mineral and vitamin levels at freshening. Calcium Drench is a safe follow-up to conventional IV treatment for hypocalcemia and helps to maintain normal mineral and energy balance at freshening. May be used as a nutritional supplement, along with specific therapy, for post-partem complications, such as milk fever, displaced abomasum and retained placenta.

Administer a 200 cc serving at the first sign of freshening and another 200 cc serving 6-12 hours after calving. Repeat as needed. If the first serving is missed, a post calving serving is still beneficial. Use only with an approved drench gun.

SEE REPLACEMENT PRODUCT: Super Calcium Drench Plus Vitamins for Cows at Freshening by VEDCO


4 x 1 gallon F7-A3-1
Drench GunDrench GunAGRI-PRO

Super Calcium Drench Plus Vitamins for Cows at FresheningSuper Calcium Drench Plus Vitamins for Cows at FresheningVEDCO


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